SOS Tutorial


In 3 easy steps, you can use Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) to instantly access your customers' computers without requiring any install.

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1. Navigate to and follow the steps to download the Business app.



2. Ask your customer to visit or, and download the Splashtop SOS file, which will generate a 9-digit code. You can send them the / link as well, and feel free to use the Invite User template provided: Click on SOS (drop-down menu) > Invite User... Or host the download on your site.


3. Back on your own computer, open the Splashtop Business application. Click on SOS (drop-down menu) > Connect to User's Device, and enter in the 9-digit code.

Note: To connect with admin rights, please check out more details here.


Ending the SOS Session

There are 2 ways to end an SOS session:

1. The customer can end the session by clicking on Disconnect or by exiting the SOS program.

2. The technician can end the session by clicking on the Disconnect icon in the toolbar at the top of the session or by exiting the SOS program.



  • Each technician can have up to 10 concurrent sessions from one machine at a time.

  • The session will disconnect if the computer is rebooted, logged out, or switched to another user account.
  • A new session code is generated each time the program is launched.
  • If the SOS program stays running (e.g. not re-launched), the same session code can be used to re-connect to the same computer.
  • If the SOS program is ran under a standard user account, Windows UAC and other privileged screen elements will not be visible on the technician side. The technician will not be able to see or control admin-level elements.
  • If the SOS program is run under a standard user account, Ctrl-Alt-Del cannot be sent remotely to the end user's computer.
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