How to use Splashtop SOS

Please note: The SOS client is stack-specific. This means, if your account is on the Global stack, please have the user you're connecting to download the SOS app from If your account is on the EU stack, please have the user download the SOS app from

Setup Process:

1. Download the Splashtop Business app and install it. Once the link is selected, you will be redirected and the Business App will download automatically.


2. Have your client go to / to download the SOS App. Once the link is selected, the user will be redirected and the SOS app will download automatically.


Connecting to a Clients Device:

1. After the user downloads and runs the SOS app, they will get a 9-digit code.


2. From here, go to the Business App and select SOS in the menu bar, then select Connect to a User's Device.


3. After selecting Connect to a User's Device, a new popup will show. Once provided with the user's 9-digit code, enter the code in the field shown below. Then select the Arrow on the right to connect to the user's device.


To connect with Admin Rights, please check out more details here.


Sending an Invite:

Alternatively, you can send the user an invitation from the Business App instead of having them type in the URL.

1. Select SOS in the menu bar at the top of the Business App, then select Invite User.


2. After selecting Invite User, a new popup will show with an invitation message       (this can be edited). Then at the bottom of that popup will be the option to Send by Email.




  • Each technician can have up to 10 concurrent sessions from one machine at a time.

  • A new session code is generated each time the program is launched.
  • If the SOS program stays running (e.g. not re-launched), the same session code can be used to re-connect to the same computer.
  • If the SOS program is running under a standard user account, Windows UAC and other privileged screen elements will not be visible on the technician side. The technician will not be able to see or control admin-level elements.
  • If the SOS program is run under a standard user account, Ctrl-Alt-Del cannot be sent remotely to the end user's computer.










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