Help Me Set Up - Splashtop SOS

To connect to a Clients Device:


  1. Download the Splashtop Business app and install it (or download and run the portable Windows version from for one-time use)
  2. Send your remote user to /  to run the file and give you the 9-digit session code. 
    1. In the business app, you can also click “SOS” in the menu bar and click “Invite user” to generate a message you can either send by email or copy to clipboard with instructions on how to download the SOS App.
  3. Open the Splashtop Business app, and either click the blue “SOS” icon or click “SOS” in the menu bar and click “connect to users device”.
  4. Enter the 9 digit code and you can select if you also want to connect as an admin
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