Diagnostic tool

The diagnostic tool introduced in V. lets you run a set of diagnostics testing connectivity from Splashtop Business app on your local computer to a remote computer. You can run the tool after an unexpected disconnection or manually run it on the computer list.

How to enable the tool

  1. On the Splashtop Business app, go to
    Windows: File/Options/Advanced, check Enable Diagnostic tool then click OK.
    Mac: Preferences /Advanced -> check Enable diagnostic tool.
  2. After closing the advanced settings, you might need to refresh your computer list for the new icon to appear.
  3. On the computer profile you would like to run the tool, click the Diagnostic Tool icon to run.
  4. Please select "Apply suggested settings" if recommended. Example below.

Available tests

  • Server connectivity
    The test will check connectivity from the local computer to our API/Relay servers.   Why I received a network error when testing the Connection type?
  • Connection type
    Splashtop supports two different modes to stream video/audio from the streamer side to the app side. The test can help diagnose whether the currently used mode is blocked by a firewall. There is an "Apply suggested setting(s)" option to apply the optimal mode which we suggest will work best.
  • Speed test to relay servers
    There are numerous Splashtop relay servers across several regions, for most cases we will allocate the least latency one for a remote connection, based on where the remote computer locates. The test will help test again from your Splashtop Business app and the streamer to our different relay servers, to provide a suggested relay server to switch to if there is any.
  • Network settings/status of your local and remote computers
    The test will check your network status and settings of your local and remote computers, which you might need to make some adjustments to have better performance remote connections. What should I adjust the settings?


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