What should I check if getting no suggested settings after running the diagnostic tool?

This usually means the currently used settings in our app are optimized. In this case, if you still feel bad performance or experience random disconnect issue, here are some items you can check:

  • Check the results of local and remote computer settings in the diagnostic tool, if you got Medium or Weak in Wi-Fi signal option, please move your computers to have a stronger Wi-Fi signal or use wired LAN to connect your computer to the router.
  • Check the CPU loading of the local and remote computers, if it is high (such as 70% or more used) during a remote session, please use a powerful computer or close other software/app you don't use when establishing a remote session.
  • Restart the router your computers connect to.
  • Select a lower resolution option (such as 1024*768) or use Low framerate option for a remote session.
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