Best Way to Set Up your Splashtop Business Access Team

Are you an individual user or IT?

1) I am an individual user. 

A) I am an individual and I am setting myself up.

A-1) Install Splashtop on your computers to start remote access.  Install Splashtop Business App on the machine you want to connect from, and Splashtop Streamer on the computer you want to connect in to.

B) I am an individual, but I am only the purchaser for other users.

B-1) Invite users.  Once users accept an invitation, they will become a Member by default, unless invited as an Admin.

B-2. Once users accept invitation, they are able to set themselves up for remote access with login streamers.

2) I am IT

A) I am IT and need to deploy, manage, and/or support my users.  

A-1) Install Splashtop Streamer via Deployment Package

A-2)  Once all computers are added, Splashtop Owner/Admin can set which users can see which computers.

A-3 (Optional).  To connect to your users while they are at their computers, initiate an SOS session.  (Requires a Splashtop SOS License)

A-4 (Optional).  To set up SSO:

Single Sign-On (SSO)




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