Why is there no sound streamed to my device from a macOS device?

To stream audio when connecting to a Mac device, you will need to install the sound driver. 


If the remote devices are macOS 10.7/10.8 machines, you will need to manually install the sound driver, more details.

If the remote devices are macOS 10.13 or later machines, Apple introduces a new security feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party extensions on a macOS 10.13 or later machine. Therefore, you might need to approve the loading of Splashtop Remote Sound before you can stream sound from a macOS device to your device.

(If all below instructions have been applied but still no sound, please follow this article for the workaround: Link.) 

How to approve the loading of Splashtop Remote Sound

1. After installing v3.3.6.0 or newer version streamer on a macOS 10.13 or later device, the system will pop up a warning.


2. Click "Open Security Preferences" or go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General tab, click the "Allow" button on option System software from developer "Splashtop Inc." was blocked from loading. The allow button might be blocked, please remember unlocking then click the allow button. 

Please note that the option to allow loading is only available for 30 minutes after the System Extension Blocked warning popped.


3. Click "OK" if System Extension Warning popped.


Please note: These settings only apply to the user account on which they are granted. If you have multiple user accounts on a device, you will need to grant permissions on each.

What if I missed the 30 minutes timer to load Splashtop Remote Sound?

Please follow the steps to re-install the Mac Streamer:

a. Double-click on the "Splashtop_Streamer_Mac_vx.x.x.x.dmg" file. (The file name will vary depending on the version downloaded.)
b. Open the DMG file then double-click "Uninstall Splashtop Streamer."
c. If a warning message appears, click "Open" in the message box.
d. Input user password to continue the Running if the system requests it.
e. Open "Splashtop_Streamer_Mac_vx.x.x.x.dmg" file to re-install Mac Streamer
f. Restart your Mac


What if I don't see the Allow button in System Preferences?

Please follow the steps to reset System Extension Privacy:

a. Open the DMG file then double-click "Uninstall Splashtop Streamer."
b. Reboot your Mac to Recovery Mode: Press Command(⌘) + R during the procedure of reboot.
c. Open Terminal in Recovery mode and input the commands for reset. (Utilities > Terminal)
d. Input the commands:

/Volumes/{Your Disk Name}/usr/bin/sqlite3 /Volumes/{Your Disk Name}/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy 'delete from kext_policy where team_id="CPQQ3AW49Y";'
/Volumes/{Your Disk Name}/usr/bin/sqlite3 /Volumes/{Your Disk Name}/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy 'delete from kext_load_history_v3 where team_id="CPQQ3AW49Y";'

* replace {Your Disk Name} with your main hard disk directory name. (Terminal > /Volumes/ press Tab)

e. Reboot your Mac

f. Open "Splashtop_Streamer_Mac_vx.x.x.x.dmg" file to re-install Mac Streamer


Why is there still no sound after approving the loading of Splashtop Remote Sound?

  1. Make sure the Splashtop Remote Sound is installed.
    You can follow the below steps to verify that Splashtop Remote Sound is correctly installed.  

    a. Open System Preferences and select Sound as shown below:System_Preferences_Sound_en-us.png

    b. The "Input" and "Output" of the Sound settings should contain Splashtop Remote Sound as shown below:
  2. Please make sure Input volume and Output volume are at maximum when during a remote session. This may help if you still can't get sound.  (Some users told us that this was the reason why they were not getting sound on their tablet/phone.)
  3. For macOS 10.14 or later, the additional microphone setting is required to allow the Splashtop Streamer to stream sound over the remote connection: mac_microphone_en-us.png
    (Please note that if this is already checked, you can uncheck and recheck it. Users have reported that this action prompts the permission to reset if it wasn't working before.)

  4. Please verify that the "Output sound over the remote connection only" button is selected in the Settings tab of the Splashtop Streamer box as shown below.mac_sound_option_en-us.png
  5. If your Sound settings contain Soundflower instead of Splashtop Remote Sound (like below picture):

    Please follow the steps to re-install the Sound Driver:
    a. Click "Uninstall Sound Driver" in the Settings tab of the Splashtop Streamer box:mac_uninstall_sound_en-us.png

    b.Click "Install Splashtop Streamer" as shown below:mac_install_sound_driver_en-us.png

    c. Restart your Mac.

Sound stream from macOS 10.7/10.8 machines

For newly-install Splashtop Streamer cases, Install Sound Driver button has been disabled on macOS 10.7/10.8 machines, but you can follow below steps to make streaming sound work:  

  1. Revert to older version of the Streamer: Deployment Streamer; Login Streamer.
  2. Manually install Soundflower sound driver.
  3. Upgrade to the newest version once sound driver is installed.

For Splashtop Streamer already installed cases, it still works to stream sound if you have the sound driver installed before.


Please note: 

On all MacOS versions, remote sessions connecting to a computer at the pre-login state (when there is no user account that is logged into) will not be able to send audio over the remote session. To fix this, log into a user account on the computer, and then disconnect the Splashtop remote session, but do not log out of the user account. Then, when you reconnect, you'll hear audio.

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