How to fix audio issues on Mac after the Splashtop remote sound driver is installed

With some cases, after you have tried all the settings and suggestions from our FAQ article (Link) but still couldn't get sound streamed from your remote Mac, please follow below two workarounds to resolve the issue.


1. Install version or later Splashtop Streamer for Mac. 

Reinstall the sound driver if updating from an older version.

2. Change sound settings

This will help when there is no sound after opening some other third-party software on the remote Mac, such as AVID media composer or Adobe Premiere. These software usually install their own sound device in order to output sound when using them, which might have the conflict issue with Splashtop Remote Sound. Please follow below instructions to configure your sound settings to stream sound over Splashtop remote session when using the software:

  1. Use Spotlight and search for Audio Midi Setup. Click Audio Midi Setup to open.
  2. Open Audio Devices window. If audio devices do not appear after clicking Audio Midi setup, please select Show Audio devices from Windows dropdown list.
  3. Click + icon then select Create Multi-Output Device.
  4. Checked Splashtop Remote Sound and third-party sound driver installed by other software, such as AVID media composer or Adobe Premiere. E.g., you will see "Avid HDX" option to check after installing AVID media composer.
    (Please do not check default sound output, such as Mac mini Speakers or Internal Speakers unless you want the sound to output on both remote Mac and local computer.)
  5. When in a Splashtop remote session, go to System Preferences / Sound / Output on the remote Mac, select Multi-Options Device instead of Splashtop Remote Sound.


Workaround for Avid Media Composer:

Another workaround if you use Avid Media Composer - If sound is output to an external I/O in Avid, turn this setting off so that it uses the software/host audio instead of hardware.

The setting/button may look different depending on your version of the program.



If it still doesn't work, please help file a ticket with streamer logs and the timestamp you experienced the issue.

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