Service Desk: Pin Code Widget

Pin Code Widget is a part of the features available in Service Desk. Pin Code Widget is a widget embedded in support site which can help end users to simplify the flow of downloading Service Desk app.
A survey will pop up at the end of the support session, helping to collect feedback and statistics regarding the support sessions. 


  • Splashtop Enterprise with technician licenses 


How to configure the widget settings?  
  • Where to get started: 

    • Web console ( > Management tab > Channels
    • Service Desk tab>gear button on the right of Channels>Manage channels
    • Web console ( > Management tab > Settings > Service Desk
  • How to create a widget:
    • Click "Code snippet & settings," the Copy Code Snippet dialog pops up.

      The edit box on the dialog is read-only and prefilled with the code snippet. Click on "Copy Code Snippet," it copies the code snippet to the clipboard, then the copy button and edit box becomes green. Then click "Close" to close dialog or "Customize" for further configurations.


How to customize the widget? 

On the Customize dialog, you can preview the widget, configure settings, or reset the widget.

Click on "Reset to default template," there is a confirm message popping up. Once confirmed, all the settings and the preview are reverted to the default.

  • Widget configuration - Localization
    Supported localizations can be configured on this tab.
    There are 10 languages listed on the selector, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean. A language can be added for removed by clicking "+" or "-" in the Localized section.
  • Widget configuration - Theme
    Color and alignment for button and text can be configured on this tab.
  • Widget configuration - Frame
    Width and height for the widget frame can be configured on this tab.


How to retrieve logs regarding a PIN code widget? 
  •  There are logs inserted to the web console > Management > History page when
    • The widget has been turned on.
    • The widget has been turned off.
    • The widget has been modified.
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