Service Desk: SOS Call

This feature is available for Splashtop Enterprise teams with one or more Technician licenses.

SOS Call is part of the features available in Service Desk. Users needing assistance can now request for a support session via the new SOS Call application.

SOS Call features

Let the user download the SOS Call app from your link. After running the app whenever it's needed, users will be prompted with a screen to fill up a small form to request for an SOS support session, which will be received by one of your technicians. 


Technicians would then see a new entry in the Splashtop Service Desk console indicating the user has requested for support. 


Additional information about name and issue details can be found by clicking on the newly-created entry.


Enable SOS Call for new/existing Service Desk channels

To create a new channel go to Management > Channels > Create Channel

Or edit an existing one with Edit channel from the channel settings

Scroll down the channel edit page to find Enable SOS CallSOS_Call_6_en-us.png

Manage and create SOS Call download links

SOS Call applications should be dedicated to a whole group of end-users (E.g. A specific company, team of users, etc) since the generated link is reusable.

To access the management section, go to the Service Desk panel, click on any of your existing channels and find the Manage SOS Call icon.

Create a New SOS Call. Technicians can be assigned to be the default technician for new SOS Calls under this link. If Unassigned, new sessions would be placed in queue waiting to be taken by an available technician. 
Note: A single SOS Call link can be used by multiple users without the need to create a link for each user. 

Copy the download link and share it. Users with the link will be redirected to download the SOS Call application.


Existing SOS Call apps can be managed as follows:

  • Edit to assign a new technician or to change the name of the application.
  • Suspend would temporarily make this SOS Call application link invalid for any new downloads, as well as for existing downloaded applications. Resuming an application won't generate a new link, the link would remain unchanged.
  • Delete would invalidate any existing link or downloaded applications.


SOS Call permissions

To edit permissions go to Management > Channels > Edit technicians & permissions


  • All technicians will be able to see new SOS Call applications if the default assignee is "Unassigned"
  • Technicians with SOS Call permission can create/manage SOS Call applications whose default assignee is themselves.
  • Technicians w/o SOS Call permission cannot create/manage any existing SOS Call applications. 
Mass deployment options

A single SOS Call application or download link can be shared to multiple users on different machines since each application would create a new entry in the Service Desk channel, making it easier to use 3rd-party tools to mass deploy, tools such as GPO file deploy, RMM, etc.

The SOS Call application is portable between computers, and wouldn't require installation. 
To find more details about File Properties and GPO deployment please visit Microsoft's article Configure a File Item 

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