Exclusive mode


This feature is included in Splashtop Enterprise.

Configuration page available to: Team Owner, Admin, Group Admin.


Exclusive mode is a configurable option available for the Scheduled Access feature.

Allows computers that are part of a specific schedule to be accessed only if the computer is currently at the Windows/Mac login screen, thus making the computer exclusive for the user that is currently logged into the Operating system using the computer.

The exclusive mode applies for users either present at the lab or remotely connected through a Splashtop session.

How to enable exclusive mode?

Exclusive mode can be enabled when creating a new Resource or can be applied to an existing one.

(Management > Scheduled Access > Edit /Create Resource)


Enabling "Support exclusive" in a Resource will only grant the ability to configure (set on/off) exclusive mode for schedules. Either as default for all the schedules inside a Resource or individually by schedule

Set exclusive mode as default for all schedules inside a Resource

The exclusive mode can be set as a default option and it will be applied to newly-created schedules after this setting was changed (It will not affect previously created schedules). 

By doing so, all new schedules under this Resource will have the Exclusive mode as default (it's not a forced option, which means, for each schedule, exclusive mode can still be turned off)

(Management > Scheduled Access > Edit /Create Resource)


Set exclusive mode only to specific Schedules

Exclusive mode can be set for specific Schedules. To do so, create a new schedule or edit an existing one. 



Click "Advanced Settings" and then enable "Exclusive access management"



By doing so, all computers part of the Resource will obtain exclusive access during the length of this Schedule.

Important note:

Using the exclusive mode will only allow access to a computer that is currently at the Windows/Mac login screen, we recommend using the function EM5_en-us.pngin order to prevent computers to get locked out because the user forgot to manually log out.

"Log out user on a disconnect" and "Lock screen before user logout..." requires Splashtop Streamer v3.4.4.0 or later

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