USB Device Redirection

With device redirection, you can redirect a USB device on your local computer to the remote computer. The redirected device works on the remote computer as if it's plugged in directly at that computer. 

Feature optimization 

  • The feature is now available to Mac users. If you'd like to give it a try, make sure you update both your business app and streamer to v.
  • We recommend installing the updated driver in v. to take advantage of the optimization.
    If you're new to the service or have installed the driver before: uninstall the current version first, then install the new version by clicking "Install Redirection Service". 
    install_driver_en-us.png > driver_en-us.png

Device redirection is available for:


  • Windows 10, 11 or Win Server 2016/2019 (for local and remote)
  • MacOS 11+ or after (for local) ; MacOS 12+ or after(for remote)
  • Business App v3.4.4.0+
  • Splashtop Streamer v3.4.4.0+
Supported USB classes
  • 0x03 - HID / Human Interface Device
  • 0x07 - Printer
  • 0x0B - Smart Card
  • 0x00 - Use class information in the Interface Descriptions
    (For devices which class are 0x03/0x07/0x0B in interface descriptions)
  • 0xFF - Vendor Specific
    (For devices which class are 0x03/0x07/0x0B in interface descriptions)
Devices we have tested
  • 0x03 - HID / Human Interface Device
    • Wacom: PTH-660 Intuos Pro M, PTZ-631W Intuos 3, CTE-430 Graphire 3
    • Logitech: M331, M720, M590, M100, RumblePad 2, Marble 2 Trackball mouse
    • Q-PNP: QKMW-D
    • ODiN: Serafim SVM-01A
    • ASUSTek: TuF Gaming M5
    • I-Rocks: K76M Plus
    • Sony: DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
    • Kensington: Eagle Trackball
    • Microsoft: Nano Transceiver 1.1 Wireless Mouse
    • TCStar: TCN638 Wireless Mouse
  • 0x07 - Printer
    • HP: LaserJet 3390
    • Brother: P-Touch 2700, MFC-L2770DW
    • Canon: G4010
  • 0x0B - Smart Card
    • (0x058F / 0x9540) Lenovo T490 built-in, DigiFusion RU035, KINYO KCR-350
    • (0x058F / 0x9520) InfoThink IT-600U, aibo IT-680U
    • (0x0BDA / 0x0169) DIGILION Photo S1, E-books E-PCE191, InfoThink IT-925, aibo ICCARD-AB07
    • (0x0BDA / 0x0161) DigiFusion RU044
    • (0x1307 / 0x0368) epraizer SC-950
    • (0x1403 / 0x7506) InfoThink IT-850UM, InfoThink IT-500U
    • (0x1050 / 0x0407) YubiKey
  • 0x00 - Use class information in the Interface Descriptions
    • CastlesTech: EZ100PU, EZPad
    • Wacom: CTL-480 Intuos Pen Small
    • Logitech: M212
    • 3D Connexion: SpaceMouse Compact
    • [Smart Card]
    • [HID]
  • 0xFF - Vendor Specific
    • Microsoft: XBox 360 controller
    • [HID]
  1. Make sure the Redirection driver is installed.

    (For Windows) In the Business App, click File -> Options -> Advanced.

    (For Mac) In the Business App, click Splashtop Business -> Preferences -> Advanced  
  2. Connect to the remote computer and click the Actions icon in the toolbar -> Device Redirection...
  3. Select a device, click on Redirect
  4. Make sure the redirected device on remote computer has proper device driver installed.
  5. Remember click on "X" to release the device later.
What if I don't want my users to redirect USB devices? 
The owner of the Splashtop Business team can turn off the entire device redirection feature, or some USB classes for all users. 
Log in to with the owner credentials. Go to Management > Settings. From there, you can disable device redirection or some USB classes.
How do I enable auto redirection?


  • Business App v3.4.8.0+
  • Splashtop Streamer v3.4.8.0+
1. Click the Lightning icon to enable auto redirection for the device.
2. The device will now be displayed with a Blue Lightning icon to the left of the device name indicating that it has been enabled for auto redirection.
(Note: This configuration is per device, per computer based.) 

Additional Notes

  • Device redirection for Printers will be disabled when Remote Print is disabled in Team Settings.
  • Device redirection is only available through unattended sessions - not SOS/attended.
    • However, if there is already a device redirected to the remote computer, a technician may have access to the device through an SOS session on the same computer.


  • Unable to get device redirection to work or have suggestions for us? Please open a support ticket.
  • From v3.5.6.0 onward, we conducted tests on several webcams and identified a potential for redirection. Our findings indicate a higher success rate when the webcam is equipped with Logitech Webcam Drivers. It is necessary to manually add the VID/ PID to the whitelist, the webcam won't be automatically detected and shown on the list. Please open a support ticket, our support agent will explain how to proceed. 
    *Only available to Windows (local) to Windows (remote) connection



There might be a possibility to cause BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) on Streamer computer when redirecting devices and running USB tools (ex. USBDeview.exe) which may query device or host information on Streamer computer simultaneously.

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