Connecting to a computer on a different Splashtop subscription/team

A computer can not be shared across multiple teams*. This means that if a computer is registered under  Splashtop team A, then no one from Splashtop team B can add it to their team or access it.

  • Note: You will still be on a team even if you are the only person using it. You will simply be a team of one

This is enforced by the fact that only one streamer can be installed on a computer at a time, attempting to install Splashtop streamer that belongs to a different team will overwrite the streamer installation of the old team.


The reason why we do this is to enforce security such that there is no unexpected 3rd party users of a computer that an organization/team did not expect.



* If both teams are subscribed to a Business Solo/Pro/Legacy subscription then it is possible with limitations

Option 4 in the above article will let you do so. Keep in mind that the user that you share with will be consuming YOUR license while they are connected. This means if you only have 1 license then you will NOT be able to use any other computers yourself. The person borrowing your license will also be using YOUR subscription features and limitations associated with that license.



If you are subscribed to our SOS product then you can use that to bypass the streamers entirely.

Please look at this article for more info on that



Alternatively you can use the Share my Desktop feature which is available under certain subscriptions and requirements. Keep in mind that Share my Desktop is view only.

More details can be found here:

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