Granular Control

With Granular Control, you can take more control of the features on your team, and limit certain features to certain users or certain user groups.

Granular Control Requirements:


  • Splashtop Enterprise can now use our granular control features to specify which users on the team can use Attended Access (SOS), File Transfer, copy/paste, two-step verification, Remote Printing and 1-to-Many.
    • Note: Attended Access (SOS) and 1-to-Many are available only with Enterprise Technician licenses.

Default Granular Settings

  • The Team Owner can configure the default feature permission per user role under Management → Settings under Default Granular Settings. This determines a user’s default Attended Access permission when they are invited to the team (I.e., if Owner and Admin are checked under Default Granular Settings next to attended access, they will have attended access by default when first joining the team).
  • Configurable by Admin: If this option is selected, this will grant team Admins the ability to configure Member's capability for the certain feature.



User Granular Settings

  • Under Management → Users, you can also configure Granular Control per group. Click the gear wheel icon to the right of the group's name and click "Granular Control".

  • To configure this per user, click the gear wheel icon next to the user's name and click "Granular Control".

  • On: This user will have access to the selected feature.
  • Off: This user will NOT have access to the selected feature.
  • Follow Group: Selecting this option will follow the group granular settings. To set the user group granular settings, click the gear wheel next to the Group name and select "Granular Control".
    • When adjusting  the group setting, you can configure this option for the entire group to either On/Off or to follow the team default settings.
  • Default: Selecting this option will follow the Default Granular Settings set under Management → Settings.


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