Splashtop SOS AR is intended to assist mobile workers that require assistance from another technical or managerial expert or colleague.  You can aid on-site staff or clients in order to address problems (product setup, fixing hardware issues, etc.) remotely with visual aids.


SOS AR is still under Beta testing at the moment, if you'd like to participate, instructions for joining are below! 

**Please note that we only support connections between iOS or Android devices, connecting from Windows or Mac is not available for the moment.**


Joining the Beta

1. Submit your request

Click here and fill out the form to become a beta tester.

2. Verification email

Once the beta sign-up process is complete, we will send you an email stating that you're a beta tester.

3. Download the app

Refer to the instructions below. 


Getting Started


1. Download SOS AR

Download SOS AR on the App Store for your iOS device.

*SOS AR is currently only available in iOS 13.0 or newer.

Download SOS AR on the Google Play Store for your Android device.

2. Share your SOS AR with your supporter

a) Open the SOS AR on your mobile device, then tap "Start".

b) Enable camera and microphone access to AR draw and audio.


c) Tap on the generated 9-digit ID, it will be copied into the cache of your mobile device, then share it with your supporter.


d) There are several ways to share your ID such as message, mail, notes...etc, simply tap on the "Share ID" button to see the available options.


3. Establish a session

a) Supporter needs to open the Splashtop Business app on their device, then insert the SOS AR ID, and finally, tap the connect button to establish the session.

b) As soon as your supporter connects with the ID, a pop-up will appear for you to allow or reject the connection.


4. Use SOS AR

Once the connection is established, the camera image(rear camera only) of your device will be transmitted to your supporter's device. You can also utilize our microphone feature to communicate with your supporter. 

AR toolbar:

ar_disconnect_en-us.png Disconnect: Disconnect the session

ar_back_en-us.png Undo: Undo the last action

ar_delete_en-us.png Erase: Erase all, Erase my drawing, Erase user's drawing

ar_move_en-us.png Move mode: Drag and move the arrow or view the arrow & line menu to delete the selected item

ar_flashlight_en-us.png Flashlight: Enable the flashlight 

ar_microphone_en-us.png Microphone: Unmute/Turn on your microphone

ar_microphone_off_en-us.png Microphone: Mute/Turn off your microphone



By gesturing on the mobile screen, annotations will stick to the object even if the camera looks away.




You can differentiate who placed the arrows by the color.

Blue: Receiving side ; Green: Supporter side




Watch the video tutorial below to understand better how SOS AR works: 

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