Support RDP connections with F5 Big-IP Load Traffic Manager


Splashtop Connector allows users to connect to computers that support the RDP protocol directly from within the Splashtop Business app, without using VPN or installing any remote access agent.

F5 Big-IP LTM enables users to control network traffic, selecting the right destination based on server performance, security, and availability, as known as load balancer. (Learn more on F5 official website)

Splashtop Connector supports connecting to RDS farm through F5 Big-IP LTM as the load balancer, here is a diagram of example deployment. 



Configure F5 Big-IP LTM

With the above example deployment, here are how the F5 Big-IP LTM is configured. 

1. Create VLAN

Create two VLAN, one for network segment 192.168.1.x, and one for 192.168.95.x. 


2. Create Self IPs

Setup two self IPs, one as for internal, and for external. 


3. Setup RDS farm

Three RDS/RDP machines are created, with the following IP/Gateway configuration. 

Machine IP Gateway
Win 10


4. Create pool

Create the pool, here it is named as rdp-pool, and add the RDS/RDP machines as the members. 



Then go to Nodes to enable them. 


5. Create Virtual Server

Virtual Server properties page


In resources page, add the created pool in. 



Configure Splashtop Connector

Create profile on the Splashtop Connector, and set the Remote Computer IP/Host and Port to the external IP and Port configured on F5 Big-IP LTM as above. (Learn more on how to create profile on Splashtop Connector)


Notice: A single Splashtop Connector has its limitations of simultaneous RDP sessions, but you can deploy multiple Splashtop Connectors in your network to scale the capacity. The diagram in the overview section shows two Splashtop Connectors being installed. 


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