How to use winget to install and manage Splashtop applications

Winget is the Microsoft open-source package manager that is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can use winget commands to install and manage Splashtop applications such as Splashtop Personal app, Splashtop Business app, Splashtop SOS app, and Splashtop streamer app.

You can find more information on how to use winget from Microsoft site:

Splashtop Business products that are available on winget
  • Splashtop Business app
  • Splashtop Personal app 
  • Splashtop SOS app 
  • Splashtop Streamer app:
    • Login Streamer 
    • Deployment Streamer 
    • MSI Deployment Streamer


Winget Product ID for Splashtop Business products
  • Splashtop Business app : Splashtop.SplashtopBusiness
  • Splashtop Personal app : Splashtop.SplashtopPersonal
  • Splashtop SOS app : Splashtop.SOS
  • Splashtop Streamer app:
    • Login Streamer : Splashtop.SplashtopStreamer
    • Deployment Streamer : Splashtop.SplashtopStreamer.Deployment
    • MSI Deployment Streamer : Splashtop.SplashtopStreamer.Deployment.MSI


How to install Splashtop Business products with winget

Command to install 

winget install {ProductID}



1. To install Splashtop Business app:

winget install Splashtop.SplashtopBusiness

1) Run the command:
2) Click yes to install:
3) Business app is successfully installed:

2. To install Splashtop login streamer:

winget install Splashtop.SplashtopStreamer

1) Run the command:


2) Click yes to install:


3) Login Streamer is successfully installed:



How to check if there is an update for Splashtop Business products with winget
  • Command to search for update:
winget upgrade {ProductID}
  • To search for update of Splashtop Business app for example:
winget upgrade Splashtop.SplashtopBusiness

It will show as follows if there is an updated version available:
Otherwise, it will show:


To uninstall

Command to uninstall

winget uninstall {ProductID}


1. To uninstall Splashtop Business app:

winget uninstall Splashtop.SplashtopBusiness


2. To uninstall Splashtop login streamer:

winget uninstall Splashtop.SplashtopStreamer




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