Remote Print - Adobe Acrobat Quit Unexpectedly or Not Launching

November 14, 2023: Adobe has released an update which fixes the print window bug mentioned below. Please update your Adobe Acrobat Reader application on both the local and remote computers, to use the New Acrobat interface with remote printing. The workaround is included below as reference.


As of September 12 Adobe Acrobat released a new update which causes Acrobat to crash during Remote Print. The update replaces the traditional user interface that's been in place for the past 20+ years with what Adobe is calling the "Modern Viewer." It currently has some issues where Adobe doesn't launch the print dialogue box properly, causing Splashtop Remote Print to not work.

The following settings below must be configured on the remote and local devices and will revert the previous user interface in Acrobat making remote print work properly again. Once the changes have been made Adobe Acrobat will restart.

In Windows Acrobat:

  1. Locate the "Hamburger menu" in the upper left corner (3 horizontal bars where the old "File" menu used to be).
  2. Select Disable New Acrobat.

If selecting "Disable new Acrobat" does not resolve the issue, please use this registry key, "DisableNewAcrobat", attached to the bottom of this page.


You can follow the instructions taken directly from Adobe as well

In Mac Acrobat:

  1. From the View menu at the top, select Disable New Acrobat.


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