How to update Streamer on Mac Via the Terminal ( instructions and Video )

To update the Streamer via the terminal, please follow the below Steps:

1. First, on the computer to where you want to connect to, you need to download the dmg file. To download the dmg file just click on the below link: 

2. The dmg file will be in the Downloads Folder, go to the Downloads Folder and double click on the dmg file.



3. After you double click, it will show you all the files, including the pkg file. Right click on the pkg file and click on copy, go to the documents Folder, Right click and click on Paste, to paste the pkg file in the Documents Folder.



4. Right click on the pkg file and click on Rename. Remove the . (period) from the beginning of the File name.
The pkg file name should be changed from, .Splashtop Streamer.pkg to Splashtop Streamer.pkg


5. After the rename of the File, it should look like below:


6. Now open the Terminal and change the path to Documents because that's where the pkg file is saved.
The command is cd Documents


7. After the path is changed it should look like below:


8. Run the below command to update the Streamer and enter in the remote computer's password:
Sudo Installer -pkg ”Splashtop Streamer.pkg” -target /


9. That should be it and the update will go through.


Note: The update won't go through and you will get error if by mistake any extra spaces are given. The command should look exactly like below:
Documents%(no space)sudo(space)installer(space)-pkg(space)”Splashtop(space)Streamer.pkg”(space)-(nospace)target(space)/

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