Limitations of the "Lock keyboard and mouse" feature

The Lock keyboard and mouse feature provides the capability to lock the keyboard and mouse input devices of the remote computer.  This option can be enabled or disabled by using the Lock keyboard and mouse checkbox in the Security tab of the Streamer.  In the sample illustration below, it is shown as enabled.



The purpose of this function is to prevent other people from accessing the connected host remote computer.  However, the following limitations may negate the protection of the lock feature:

  • The lock feature is available for keyboard and mouse devices only.  Any other input devices, such as Touchscreens, audio input devices, Barcode scanners, etc.,  cannot be disabled/blocked by this feature.
  • The system hotkeys:  Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Windows key + L., etc.,  still work when the keyboard is locked.  The computer will switch to lock screen or secure logon page (the computer is still secure on the page).
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