Using the Controls Menu Bar for iOS clients

These are in session controls for iOS clients. The "Controls" menu is where advanced in-session controls can be found.  To bring up the "Controls" menu shown below, please perform either of the following gestures:

1. Three-finger tap on iPad screen during a connected session.

2. Tap on the '<' button located on lower right corner during a connected session.




  • Disconnects the current session and goes back to the list of computers.

Switch Display


  • Provides switching to and back from your secondary monitor if your computer has more than one display/monitor attached.
  • Show All Monitors (More info: Multi-Monitor)

In-session Control Settings


  • Trackpad mode
    • Allows the user to perform gestures that simulate mouse manipulations with left-click or right-click.  It's good to open the hidden bar like Windows Task Bar or Mac Task Bar.
  • Arrow Keys
    • Provides an arrow pad for ease of operation on applications.
  • Scroll Bar
    • Provides scroll bar for ease of scrolling
  • Tool Settings
    • Additional movement and layout settings

Additional Features


  • Start Voice Call (Available on Splashtop SOS+ / Splashtop Enterprise Technician Licensing)
    • Voice call your computer to provide additional support to someone on the computer.
  • Chat
    • Chat with anyone that's currently using the computer
  • Blank Screen
    • Blank/black out the screen of the computer.
  • Lock Keyboard and Mouse
    • Lock the keyboard and mouse of the computer.
  • Redirect Mic Input (Available on Splashtop Enterprise)
    • Utilize microphone from iOS device when in session.
  • Session Notes
    • Session notes are notes that describe what occurred during a remote session.
  • Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes
    • This function translates the copied text into keystrokes.
    • Ctrl + Alt + Del
    • Command + Option + Escape



  • Opens the virtual keyboard or blue-tooth keyboard if connected.

 Control Bar Off (Tap anywhere on screen)

  • Hides the Controls menu bar.

NOTE:  The iPad, with iOS 4.3 or later, is capable of configuring the "Side Switch" to either Lock Rotation or Mute.


Need to navigate the Splashtop Business app?

More info here: Navigating the Splashtop Business app for iOS

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