Chat is supported with the Windows and Mac versions of the Splashtop Business app (purple icon).

When already in a remote session

In-session chat is available to users of:

  • Splashtop Business Access
  • Splashtop Remote Support (Plus/Premium)
  • Splashtop On-Demand Support

Click in the chat field of the toolbar and start typing.

User at the remote computer will see the chat window pop up. This is where the user would type. It's also where you see what the user types.


When you're not in a remote session

(Requires version or newer of both Splashtop streamer and Splashtop Business app)
Off-session chat is available to users of:

  • Splashtop Business Access Pro
  • Splashtop Remote Support (Plus/Premium)
  • SOS+10 & Unlimited

Launch the Splashtop Business app. Click on the chat icon next to the computer you want to start a chat session with.



  • Chat only works when the remote computer is logged in. (Chat window is not visible on the Windows login screen.)
  • The name shown in chat is your Display Name or Splashtop ID (if Display Name is not set).
  • Chat is only supported from Windows and Mac versions of the Splashtop Business app. It's not supported in the iOS and Android versions of Splashtop Business app.
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    How do you CLOSE a chat session on a Mac client?

    it doesn't appear to have the same cross in the upper right corner of the chat window (you can only minimise or enlarge, upper left buttons) 

    Streamer v3.0.6.3

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    The chat window on the host (the computer you're connected to) disappears as soon as you cut the connection.

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    The current design does not allow the end user to close the chat window. On both Mac and Windows streamers, the only allowable action is "minimize." (The "X" icon on Windows streamer is misleading; it actually only minimizes as well.)

    This is to make sure the end user doesn't accidentally close the chat window and not being able to get it back. The chat window will open again only when the tech sends another message.

    Welcome your suggestions on what may work better.



    Automatically closing the chat window on the streamer side when session ends is by design. That also helps to simplify our implementation a bit.

    I can imagine some scenarios where it's helpful for the end user if the chat window can remain open.

    Would you say that's a nice-to-have behavior or a must-have?




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    Hi! It would be great to chat a user without connection to the remote machine, because i could ask the users that the remote session is ok for them, or should i wait a few minutes (it would reduce the mail communication between me and the clients. From the client side it can be fustrating when someone is opens a remote session whitout any prior arrangement) Thank you!

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    Sorry -- I was just informing Havinabubble how the window closed. It took me a while to find out!

    I think having the chat window close on disconnect is fine, and I don't think any other behaviour is required. There's no sense in complication, and there are so many chat-type tools around (Facetime, SMS, etc.) anyway, we're not starved of solutions. I often just open Stickies on the user's machine, and use that.

    The only thing I'd add to what you've done is a 'save as .txt' button somewhere for the whole chat, which saves to current user's Desktop. Not a deal-breaker, though. Good work!

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    Ok got it :)

    We'll plan on keeping the current "close chat window on session end" behavior till further feedback.

    Noted the "save as .txt" request.

    Appreciate the helpful insights.


    Noted the feature request. It's indeed something we've heard from several other users.

    Currently there's an architectural limitation where the two points cannot talk without having a remote session in place. So a solution won't be easy or soon. But we'll keep this request in mind. Thanks.

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    @Support  @S-top

    thanks for that info.    

    I still find the chat process a little confusing, seeing as the admin has a single line text entry but the streamer has a window.

    I find myself inadvertently typing on the REMOTE screen and then its not clear who said what


    Also at what point does the CHAT window vanish?  I have logged on and off remotes having initiated a chat, and the window seems to remain


    Curious to know if I could leave a DONT TOUCH I'M WORKING ON THIS COMPUTER type message and log off the remote session,

    returning to it later?



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    I can see what you mean about inadvertently typing in the remote screen. We'll keep this in mind for future redesign.

    As S-top mentioned, the chat window on the remote computer closes automatically when the session ends. There's actually no "close" button. I'm surprised to hear in your case the chat window does *not* close when session ends. Is this pretty repeatable? If so, perhaps you can file a support ticket and we can work that issue offline.

    The behavior by design means it's not suitable for leaving a note, since the chat window should disappear when you disconnect session.


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    For a business support tool I also want to see the pre-connection chat facility @info suggested. It's just polite to request/tell the user we're connecting in. Otherwise there is little else it's missing :) thank you.

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    Jake ferris


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    Mickie Van Gores

    how can the remotely accessed computer have control over when the "User"/"Owner" can access their computer. i.e. - a client wants to control when I, the team "owner" can come on to their computer. To take that one step further, the remote computer person should be able to have a security code or password that only they know, or that changes after each session so they feel secure that I can't just access their computer on a whim.

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    @D.simpson, pre-connection chat is on the roadmap.

    @Mickie, open the Security tab on the streamer and enable the "Request permission" setting.