What we're working on next (Roadmap)

Here are a few of the exciting new features that we're working on for upcoming releases of our Splashtop Business Products!

We are working closely with our customers to further improve our product with enhancements and new features!  Some features are only available on certain services.


Remote Access and Core

  • 1 user on multiple teams

One user can be on multiple Splashtop teams (e.g. MSP and Internal IT) and be given access to different computer lists at a time.​

Linux platform

  • Remote Print for host/streamer

  • Remote Microphone for host/streamer

  • FIPS mode

  • logout idle user

  • File transfer and copy/paste management

  • USB redirect support for host/streamer

  • Granular control support for file transfer and copy/paste

Features for parody with Windows and Mac platforms.


IT Help Desk

  • Service desk reporting stats

We are creating this feature with larger customers in mind, who require more reporting for their management, compliance, and audit purposes. This feature includes a range of reporting options, such as active sessions, total sessions, and basic filters. Users can also benefit from concurrent usage charts that display the maximum number of concurrent sessions on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition, users can easily manage computer access permissions, allowing them to see who has access to each computer. As well as monitor user sessions by computer group, computer, user ID, session start/stop/duration, and more.

Will be available to select Splashtop Enterprise customers. 

  • APIs for managing users

Release will include APIs for enabling and disabling users.

These APIs will enable automation of user management as employees on-board and off-board.

  • PIN Code Widget

Embed code snippet for Service Desk's 6 digit PIN code to put on your own website.

  • Schedule support session​

Technicians will be able to schedule remote support sessions in advance with their end-users and integrate the service desk sessions with calendars like outlook and Google calendar. 

Will be available to Splashtop Enterprise technicians using service desk.​


Endpoint Management

  • SMART Actions

Ties together our existing 1-to-many actions and our customizable alerts, allowing users to trigger user made 1-to-many scripts by a customized alert.

  • Endpoint Management Dashboard

Get at-a-glance details on endpoint count, online/offline status, OS types, and versions, along with mouse-over tooltips for more information. You can also track alerts, threats by endpoint, and Windows update status. Check the status of Splashtop Antivirus, including threat count, action summary, and virus definition versions. Additionally, keep an eye on upcoming and completed scheduled 1-to-Many Tasks. 


Remote Access and Core

  • 1 user in multiple groups

Customers will be able to use custom tags to classify computer groups at the next level.​

  • Productize QUIC

We will roll out QUIC as the default protocol for Splashtop remote sessions that will enable direct connections without relays, and better performance.​ 

  • Password Change support

Splashtop teams can setup a password change policy for Splashtop passwords, requiring a change in the password every certain number of days and define longer passwords. 

IT Help Desk

  • Post-session survey

Post-session survey will allow end users to answer the questions that customers want to pose to them.  End users can rate their experience, and customers use these surveys to gauge feedback internally.

Will be available to Splashtop Enterprise technicians using service desk. 

  • Attended Background actions

Enable technicians to execute tasks like remote command, file transfer and background actions within the service desk. They will need to have end user consent unlike the similar tasks via streamer.

Will be available for Splashtop Enterprise technicians using the service desk. 


Endpoint Management

We're gathering feedback regarding capabilities like patch management, policy management, additional endpoint security and more that internal IT teams need and are building a comprehensive solution.​

Read more about all our major product accomplishments in 2023: https://www.splashtop.com/blog/splashtop-new-features-2023

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