Cloud Session Recording

With cloud session recording, you can enforce the recording of all Splashtop remote desktop sessions. Sessions are recorded in their entirety, and technicians do not need to manually start or stop recording.

Recordings are stored on Splashtop servers for 90 days and can be played back or downloaded via the Splashtop web console, for training and auditing purposes.

The ability to download and playback recordings can be controlled based on roles.

Cloud session recording is an add-on feature available to Splashtop Enterprise customers.



  • Local Computer (technician side): Windows and Mac only; all versions supported
  • Remote Computer (endpoint/end user side): Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android; version or higher. If the streamer does not meet the version requirement, the technician will see the following error message and will not be able to connect:


Enable Cloud Session Recording on the Web Console

Cloud session recording is off by default and can be enabled via the Splashtop web console.
( -> Management -> Settings -> Attended/Unattended Access)

Role-Based Control

The ability to playback and download can be granted based on role. By default, only team owner is granted the ability.

  • Unattended team: Owner only / Admins and Owner / Members, Admins, and Owner
  • Attended team: Owner only / Admins and Owner / Members, Admins, and Owner


Playback and Download

Recordings can be accessed on the sessions log page of the Splashtop web console.
( -> Logs -> Sessions/Active Sessions)


The Recording column on Sessions and Active Sessions pages indicates whether a session recording has been uploaded successfully for that particular remote desktop session.

Click on the recording icon next to a session to see the recording(s) for that session.

(The playback and download links can be copied and shared for immediate use. For security reasons, the links are rotated after 10 minutes.)



  • Recording is performed by Splashtop servers as the sessions pass through them. All sessions will be proxied through Splashtop servers in order for recording to be performed.
  • Timestamps of recordings are based on the time zone of the session logs.

  • Mouse cursor and audio are not part of the recording.
  • Maximum duration of a session that is being recorded to the cloud is 24 hours.
    • A warning message will pop up 5 minutes before the 24-hour limit is reached.

  • The recording will be split into multiple files when:
    • File size reaches 512 MB (e.g. if total recording size is 3GB, it will consist of six files)

    • Technician switches the view to a different monitor

    • Technician changes the frame rate

    • End user's device switches orientation between portrait and landscape

  • If a session has multiple recording files (e.g. if technician switched the monitor view), the files are organized by monitor and by timestamp (see screenshot above).
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