Wacom Bridge

What is Wacom Bridge?

Wacom Bridge, which is jointly developed by Splashtop and Wacom, allows you to use Wacom tablets to draw and transmit authentic strokes to a remote computer with no lag. This technology offers even more realism, instantaneous response, and finer detail compared to the our current methods using USB redirection or remote stylus, and is a big productivity enhancer and time saver for artists across multiple creative fields

Want to give it a try?

You must have an Enterprise account or Business Access Performance account and refer to the following instructions to get started.  Note: you can trial one of these services.

How to use it?


Download the following specific installers before starting this installation process:

  1. Splashtop Windows Client Software Installer
    Version or newer: download
  2. Wacom driver that supports Splashtop
    Get the latest Wacom Windows driver (6.4.5-2 or newer).

Known feature limitation 

DCC Application (e.g. Photoshop) will have to be installed on both client & host to enable application specific settings on client tablet driver 

If you have a Wacom driver installed already on the host/client, please make sure on each machine to:
  1. Install Wacom driver
  2. Restart (Note shut down is not same as restart)

Note: If you have a beta driver installed, you may need to uninstall it first, restart, then follow the steps above.


Client (Local) Install

Client System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or later
  • Supported Wacom tablets
  • Recommended: Client system have an Nvidia or AMD graphics accelerated system
  • Recommended: Ability to use at least 2 displays for testing various mapping conditions
  1. Install the Splashtop Client (Local) Software
    Version or newer: download
  2. Login to the Splashtop Client (purple Business app)
  3. Install Wacom Driver for Splashtop
    (Uninstall previous Wacom Drivers before installation)


Host (Streamer) Install

Host System Requirements

  • Host system must have a respectable Nvidia Graphics card and current drivers.
  • Windows 10 or later
  • Windows Ink application like Sketchbook or MS Inking application like Whiteboard or Word
  • Wintab application like Clip Studio configured to use Wintab
  1. Install Splashtop Host (Streamer version or newer) Software on the machine to which you will connect from your computer that has a tablet or Cintiq Pro attached
    1. Reference instructions
  2. Install Wacom Driver for Splashtop
    (Uninstall previous Wacom Drivers before installation to avoid potential driver issues.)


Make a Connection

Access Permissions


Special Feature - Mercury Inkline

No matter how fast our networks or how well our remote desktop solutions perform, we simply cannot beat the speed of light.  Project Mercury includes a feature that helps fill the space between the tip of your pen and the cursor on the host machine – Mercury Inkline.  With an animated tail that synthesizes pressure sensitivity while you paint or sculpt, Mercury Inkline gives artists confidence in their stroke.  The artist knows exactly where the ink will go before it gets there – a subtle but powerful addition to the remote desktop environment.


Enable Mercury Inkline

  1. Connect the Client computer to the Host computer
  2. Click on the Actions icon in the Splashtop Ribbon
  3. Select Wacom Bridge
    Wacom Bridge.PNG
  4. In Wacom Center on the Client computer
  5. Click on the Project Mercury tab
  6. Enable Mercury Inkline


  • Which Splashtop product can I try with Wacom Bridge?

  • Which Wacom devices support Wacom Bridge?

    • Devices we have tested:

      • Cintiq Pro – DTH-1320, DTH-1620, DTK-2420, DTH-2420, DTH-3220, DTH-167, DTH-271
      • Intuos Pro – PTH-460, PTH-660, PTH-860)
      • Cintiq 16, 22 (DTK-1660, DTK-2260)
      • Mobile Studio Pro – DTH-W1320, DTH-W1620
    • Supported devices are not limited to the above devices. Please feel free to give it a try!  And refer to Wacom's site: https://www.wacom.com/en-us/enterprise/creative-enterprise/project-mercury 
  • What is the difference between Wacom Bridge and USB Device Redirection?

    • With Wacom Bridge, users can use Wacom devices on both local and remote sides. 
    • With Wacom Bridge, users can better experience stylus movement such as pressure, stroke, and dragging. 
    • Application specific settings
    • Inkline
  • What is the difference between Wacom Bridge and Remote Stylus?

    • Pressure and strokes are supported in Wacom Bridge.
    • Application specific settings
    • Inkline
  • Can I use Wacom Bridge with concurrent connections?

    • You can use Wacom Bridge when having multiple client devices connecting to one streamer device, but only one connection will be available with Wacom Bridge if you use one client device to connect to multiple streamer devices.  
  • Any resolution limitations with Wacom Bridge?

    • Splashtop currently only supports up to 4K resolution
  • What can I do about my pen input not working at the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen and in System prompts in the remote session?

    • This is currently a limitation with the Wacom tablet due to OS-level security protocols. Please use your keyboard, trackpad or mouse to work on these screens and respond to the prompts.

  • Can I switch users and work with Wacom Bridge?

    • To use Wacom Bridge with a second login or to switch users, first disconnect Wacom Bridge from the Splashtop Actions menu. Then reconnect Wacom Bridge after you have logged in as the other user.

  • Complete Wacom FAQ related to Wacom Bridge

For more information: https://www.splashtop.com/blog/introducing-project-mercury 

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