How do I set up the computers that I want to access remotely?

Just deploy Splashtop streamer onto all the computers you want to remotely access, in 3 simple steps.

  1. Create a deployment package, with all your preferred settings. A deployment package consists of a deployment streamer and a unique 12-digit code.
  2. Click on the "Deploy" button for the deployment package you just created, to share the deployment package as a link or to download the actual installer.
  3. Share the link with your users. Or install the streamers yourself.

You can share the deployment package in two ways:

  • Send a link to your users.
    By following the link, your users can download the streamer installer and get the 12-digit code to enter into their streamer.
  • Or send the actual streamer installer file and the 12-digit code to your users.
    You can send the installer via your own methods: Dropbox, email, etc.

The installation process can also be run silently via command line, to automate deployment to a large number of computers.

Detailed Steps

1. Log into and click on Deployment.


2. Create deployment package.


When creating the deployment package, you have the option of specifying various default settings for the streamer, including computer name, security settings, sound re-direction, auto-launch behavior, etc.

Read more about customizing the default streamer settings using deployment packages.

3. Get the deployment package (either link or installer).

Click on the Deploy button.


You'll find two options for distributing the deployment package: (1) share a link or (2) download the streamer installer for sharing via Dropbox, email, etc.


4. Send either the link or the streamer installer (and the 12-digit code) to your users, for them to set up their computers.

If you share a link, your users who follow the link will see a web page as follows.

From this web page, they can download the streamer installer and follow the instructions for entering your 12-digit code.


5. Users install the streamer and enter the 12-digit code.


6. The computers are now accessible by all admins under this Splashtop Business account.

Admins can further configure the access permissions via

Note the streamer can also be installed silently via command line.

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    "Send the streamer installer and the 12-digit code to your users, for them to set up their computers"...... How about making that possible.............right now a 19MB file cannot be emailed by many accounts. Create a link to a Deployable Installer that allows for the 12 digit code to be entered by my customer during installation.

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    Since the 19MB file cannot readily be emailed, you can create an account at and upload it there.  Box allows YOU to send an email to the host computer user to clik on a file link to download from Box.  Simple to use.  Tom

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    There's now a new feature which allows this!

    "Instead of having to send each of your users a large installer file and instructions, just send them a link."

    The link to give your customers is:<Your deployment package code>

    So in the above example, the link to send would be:  (this is a non-working code however)

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    Doesn't matter if you cannot connect remotely to a computer through the web console.........which I have not gotten to work yet.

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    I was directed here because I asked the question "Do I have to manually update each remote computer if I change my password (or email address)?".  I had already read this article and was starting to use the technique - but I didn't realise that using the Deployment had another advantage - it makes the installtion effectively 'independent' of the username and password, being tied to the account instead.  I think that brilliant feature should be highlighted right at the top of the article, big print.

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    I am finding this most most difficult compared to Apple Message system where there are two rectangles and you day share the screen.  This needs to be made a whole lot simpler!

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    @ Martinpittaway,

    We are not too sure about the issue you mentioned, could you please let us know more detailed info?

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    Have tried all the directions for set up to work with app on iphone 6.   Wasted $60.00 for Splashtop and $5.00 on a app that will not connects.   Emailing back and forth for almost a month and no fixes.  Splashtop personal works great,  business not so much.




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    @ Tietjefoods,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We found the root cause and have replied to your ticket. 

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    I have the business application and desire every time I connect my office computer at home do not ask me if I want to accept the entry .. as pouedo configure it to not request authorization to communicate between the two computers. both are Mac ( iMac and Mac Pro )

    Thank you


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    We believe that you could configure related settings under the security tab of the streamer. Please let us know if it still does not work as your expectation.

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    How do i find out my user name? the email doesnt work

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    @ Townshipendo,

    We also replied to your ticket.

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    Hi Guys I have the Business App down loaded on Toshiba android tablet, and im trying to connect to my computer that runs microsoft, i have followed all instructions to the tee, go to click on connect to the computer, i get a popup saying "Locating the splashtop Business App The splashtop business app must installed on this computer for this to work ( which it is ) Please allow pop ups for this site so the splashtop add can be launched.

    then I get this message  after about a minute, It seems the splashtop Business app is missing or did not launch correctly

    To connect to a computer from this device,the splashtop Business app must be installed on this device. Please download and install it.

    Please allow pop-up for this site so the splashtop app can be launched.

    For more information, please see our help article.

    I have installed The Business app and uninstalled and followed the instructions 3 times and keep getting the same result.

    I tried going straight from the Business app to connect to my computer, it asks for my security code which i put in, it connects to my computer for about 3 seconds then it drops out and shuts down the Business ap, then im looking at my home screen on my tablet. Any Ideas ? 

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    @ Arabicaslimcoffee,

    We also replied to your ticket and will keep follow up.

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    I am new to Splashtop, being a convert from LogMeIn.

    I performed my first Deployment and ran into some issues.  The first was: How do I log in to their computer when they don't use a password at the Windows Logon screen?  a lot of my support is for residences that aren't wanting to bother with a password.

    Also, I deployed to one of my own computers with multiple logons.  Since I couldn't logon to user 'A' because user 'A' did not have a password, I logged onto user 'B' which did have a password. I found it odd that it allowed me to do so, but what I found even more odd is that I ended up on User 'A's desktop. 

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    Thanks for coming aboard!

    Good questions:

    1) When there is no Windows password, the "require Windows password" security option would not work. The Windows API does not allow us to authenticate using a blank password.

    So the remaining choices are to (1) disable authentication entirely or (2) use a security code.

    These options can be set in the streamer UI > Security tab (screenshot attached). Choose the 2nd or 3rd radio button. Obviously we'd recommend the security code option, so that there is at least some sort of security.

    One other note: when you create a deployment package, you can uncheck "require Windows/Mac login", so by default that option would be OFF since most of your computers have no Windows passwords set. Then you can connect into each computer to enable the security code option, as you wish.

    2) Our authentication, whether you use "require Windows/Mac login" or security code, is always for seeing the current screen. It's not switching user account. It's merely an authentication step Splashtop uses to connect you into the current screen.

    I think LogMeIn is similar. Its authentication step is also for seeing the current screen.



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    Your streamer needs to tell you this upon install. It needs to force you to supply a password or code. I have installed the streamer to a computer that does not have a windows password and joined it to my splashtop business account fine. I am now at another location and want to access it and I can not.

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    " Then you can connect into each computer to enable the security code option, as you wish."

    It will take ma lot of tie to log into each computer individually. Can this be done in bulk using the deployment package? - especially after the initial package has been deployed.

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    Is it also possible to change or remove a prefix assigned to the custom name when that has been done incorrectly?

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    Security code is an extra protection for the streamer side when you don't have Require Windows log-in option checked, so it is designed to be configure at the streamer.

    You could change computer names on the web portal, or at the streamer / status tab. If you want to change the naming rule, you have to create a new deployment package.

    Hope this helps.