Splashtop Streamer: Deployed vs. Login

In order for users to access remote computers, they will need to install the Splashtop Streamer. Only one Streamer can be installed on a computer. 

Splashtop offers two types of Streamers; the Deployed Streamer and the Splashtop Account Streamer.

Deployment Streamer

The Deployment Streamer can be used by any Splashtop Business user.
In fact, Splashtop Remote Support & SOS+ users can only use Deployment Streamers
To add it to your Splashtop Account, enter a 12-digit deployment package code.

The Deployment Streamer connects directly to your Splashtop Team/Subscription instead of to a specific Splashtop Account. This way, the Streamer can be managed by any Owner/Admin in the Splashtop Team.

To find the Deployment Streamer, log into https://my.splashtop.com/ with any Splashtop Business account.


Login Streamer

The Splashtop Account Streamer can be used by Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop Personal, and Splashtop Classroom users. To connect it to a Splashtop Account, enter a Splashtop Account email and password.

By default, this streamer can only be accessed by the person whose Splashtop account/password are entered into the streamer. This person is the "owner" of the computer. To learn how to grant access to other users, see this article.

Note: Since this Streamer is connected with Splashtop Account credentials, if the email or password of the signed-in account are changed, the Streamer will become inaccessible since the credentials no longer match. To connect again, you will need to re-sign into the Streamer with the new credentials. Or, install the Deployment Streamer instead, which is unaffected by credential changes.

To find the Splashtop Account Streamer, go to https://www.splashtop.com/streamer and select Personal or Classroom.


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