Quick start guide - use Postman to inquiry Splashtop open API

This article will walk you through setup Postman to send request to Splashtop OpenAPI, and fetch basic information, and team computer list.

What you need:

Setup Postman:

1.Sign in to Postman and Create Workspace


2. Choose Blank workspace in the next step and click Next.


3. Name your workspace and click Create, in the example, it named: SplashtopAPI_test


4. Click Collection in the menu bar and click Create Collection, name the collection as desired. In this example, the collection named: GetCollection:


Postman basic setup is done and we can start to create requests.


Get Basic Info request:

Basic info request will fetch display name, email, 2FA status, time zone, scope of APIs, and team id.

1. Click Add a request and rename the request as desired. In this example the request named Get_Basic_info:


2. In the GET field, insert the API url:


Refer to the Splashtop API reference for more info.


3. Click Authorization, choose type to Bearer Token, then paste the API Token(Link: https://my.splashtop.com/account_info/#apis_tab ) from Splashtop web console.

Refer to this article for more info about setup Splashtop API token: Splashtop Open APIs



4. Click Save and Send. Basic information and GET result, status should be listed at response area.


5. Save the "stb_team_id" for the next request. In this example, team id is 1169059, please get your own team id from the request result.



Get computer list request.

Get computer list without adding any parameters, the API will reply with data from all computers.

1. Get the team  id from the previous step, in this example, the team id is 169059

2. Click the 3 dots next to the collection name, click Add request, and name the new request: Get_Computer_list


3. Insert computer list API link, replace {team_id} to the team id from the previous request result:  https://webapi.splashtop.com/api/open/v1/teams/{team_id}/computers

In this example, the link is: 



4. Click Authorization and choose Bearer Token, double check the token is displaying correctly.


5. Click Save, and Run. Computer list should be showing in response area.


For more API call feature and usage, please refer to the Splashtop open API reference.


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