Copy/Paste Not Working on Windows

Copy/Paste Functionality

Occasionally our users would run into cases where copy and pasting will not work from the local PC to the remote PC, or vice-versa. For many of these cases, the issue is intermittent and will disappear and reappear at random times.

First please identify if the issue occurs on one local PC accessing a remote PC, or multiple local PC's accessing the same remote PC or multiple remote PC's. It would help narrow down the issue.

Here are some steps you can take to address the issue if you are running into this:


Step 1: Restarting Both Ends

This will clear up the issue in most cases, as the clipboard can get bugged or there can be a running third-party program interfering with Splashtop's clipboard functionality.

After restarting both the local and remote PC's, try reconnecting and see if the issue persists.


Step 2: Reinstalling the Splashtop Business App

Bugs such as these and other keyboard errors can sometimes be fixed by using our cleanup script and then reinstalling the Splashtop Business App. 

1. Download cleanup script here, open up the downloaded script and then hit "Clean".

2. Then you can install the Business app from

3. Sign into your account once installation is finished, reconnect to your remote computer, and see if the issue persists.

Step 3: Add Registry key

This is to be done on the computer you're using to connect to your remote computer.
Open Registry Editor by searching for regedit in Windows start menu.

If your local PC is 32-bit:
Splashtop Business (32-bit)
: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Client for STB

If your local PC is 64-bit:
Splashtop Business (64-bit)
: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Client for STB

Click Edit at the top left OR Right Click on empty space in the directory -> Add new DWORD -> Set to the values below

Registry key name: EnableSyncClipboard

Registry type: REG_DWORD

Registry value: 0

After creating the key, please restart the Splashtop Business application and try again.

Learn more about the registry keys you can edit here:

Step 4: Look for Interference from 3rd Party Programs
At this point, it is very likely that there is a third-party program interfering with the clipboard, preventing you from pasting into the remote PC whatever you've copied from the local PC or vice-versa. This requires you to stop ongoing services/process or uninstall these programs and will require trial-and-error.

Identify applications on your local PC that enable you to control other devices or allow your computer to be controlled, or even antivirus programs. Stop their processes in task manager or uninstall those applications, restart your local PC and see if the error persists.

One example of such a program is "Your Phone" which allows the windows 10 PC to control an android device. Try disabling the clipboard functionality or temporarily uninstalling the app and see if your copy-paste function in Splashtop starts working again.


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