Turbo FPS option (Up to 240 FPS)

With v3640 or later Splashtop apps and streamer for Windows, we will support a new FPS option Turbo (up to 240FPS) which can potentially reach 240 FPS in a remote session if the hardware and network are good to allow high quality streaming.



  • Splashtop Business app v3.6.4.0 or later

  • Splashtop Streamer or later


  • Splashtop Business app v3.7.0.0 or later

  • Splashtop Streamer or later


  • Splashtop Business Access Performance
  • Splashtop Enterprise


Once the option is selected, it will be the best-effort the endpoints will try to stream 240 FPS contents, but still, it will depend on below factors to determine how much FPS it can retrieve:

  • Decent capability of the hardware on both sides of the devices
  • Good network quality
  • High FPS source contents


There are cases you see below error popup when trying to selecting the option.


  1. The monitor of the remote device does not support high refresh rate (70Hz or above).
  2. The platform of the remote device is not supported, e.g., Linux, Android, etc.
  3. Mac devices with certain chips are not supported, except for the following:
    Chip (supported) Display (supported)

    M1 Pro/M1 Max/M1 Ultra​

    Built-in (MacBook Pro)​

    M2 Pro/M2 Max

    Built-in (MacBook Pro)​, External​


    Built-in (MacBook Pro)​, External​

    M3 Pro/M3 Max

    Built-in (MacBook Pro)​, External​


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