How to uninstall Splashtop?

There may be situations where you may need to manually uninstall and reinstall either or both our Business and Streamer applications. Below is a possible list of reasons to consider doing so.

  Business Application:

  • Entering login credentials and seeing an endless spinning loading circle
  • Unable to open the Business App entirely
  • Settings and features are not working
  • Business App is freezing

Streamer Application:

  • Streamer App is online but unable to establish a remote connection
  • Unable to open the Streamer App entirely
  • Settings and features are not working
  • Streamer App is freezing

** If any of these scenarios apply to you, please follow the directions below for tips on uninstalling and reinstalling **


  1. Open DMG installer
    (click here to download the Splashtop Business or Splashtop Streamer installer)
  2. Double-click and run the uninstall script "Uninstall Splashtop Streamer."


  1. Open Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  2. Select "Splashtop Streamer" and/or "Splashtop Business"
  3. Click on the "Uninstall" button
  4. If necessary, you can run the zip attachment to uninstall, plus cleanup registries and directories:
    1. Splashtop Business cleaner:
    2. Splashtop Streamer cleaner:


  1. Click here to download .
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Run the Clean up Installer

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