User Role Breakdown

In Splashtop Business, users have four levels of authority, known as "roles":  Owner, Administrator, Super Admin, and Member.


Existing User Roles:


The Owner is the highest level of authority and has permission to perform any functions in Splashtop
Business, including (but not limited to) inviting members, changing roles, resetting passwords, disabling
users, removing users, viewing anyone's connection history, deciding how many Seats to purchase, and
paying for Seats and subscriptions. There is only one Owner. They can also assign
the Administrator role to one or more users. The Splashtop Business Web Portal offers the Owner a console to manage users, retrieve their connection history, and to bulk-purchase new seats.

Super Admin

The Super Admin role has the same privileges as the team owner regarding user management and team settings management, except for payment. The Super Admin can see the team members list and sessions list and configure the settings for any team member except the owner.


The Administrator role has the same permissions as the Owner described above, except that they are not
involved with payments, cannot change a team's name, and cannot change anyone's role (will not have the Team Settings tab available).


Members are general users who have been added to the team to allow them to make remote
connections to office computers using their mobile devices. They are allowed to check their status,
account info, and team info. In the Status tab, they can also remove themselves ("quit") from a team.

For Splashtop SOS

The feature of Technician Manager is available for:

  • SOS
  • SOS+10 
  • SOS Unlimited
  • SOS Teams
  • SOS Enterprise 

*Please remember that this feature is not available for the SOS Lite feature with SRS; see here for more info about SOS Lite.

On an SOS team, the team owner can grant specific technicians the privilege to invite new technicians and manage other technicians by applying this feature. They can now also grant the privilege of managing Splashtop team settings.

Please look at the instructions below to enable and use the feature.

The Technician Manager has the same privilege as the team owner regarding user management on the SOS page (listed below), except for configuring Technician Management. The Technician Manager will be able to see the team member list and sessions list and configure the following settings for any team member except the owner.

User Management:

  • Invite/re-invite team member
  • Change display name
  • Reset password
  • Change authentication (If SSO is enabled)
  • Disable user
  • Delete user

Team Setting Management:

  • Manage all the items on the team settings page, except for payment

How to Enable the Technician Management feature?

Changing user roles?

If you have the proper permissions, logging in to > Management > Users can change a user's role.


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