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Session notes are notes that describe what occurred during a remote session. Session notes can be created by users/technicians that are remotely accessing other computers, and can contain whatever information the user wishes to write about the session. Notes can be created for both unattended and attended sessions, and all notes will be included if the logs are exported. 

Feature is available with our Remote Support Plus/Premium, SOS/SOS Teams/SOS+/unlimited, enterprise, and our Splashtop Enterprise plans. 

Add Session Notes in live remote session

With our newest version (V3.4.6.0) of our Business app you can add session notes within the active remote session.  You can add a subject (up to 200 characters) and message note (up to 2000 characters). 

Click the Actions button > Session Notes

Actions button: Screen_Shot_2021-04-26_at_10.36.04_AM.png



After typing your notes, click the Update or Close button to save.

You can always re-open sessions notes to add more notes to existing messages.



Auto pop-up session notes after disconnect

In your Business App settings, you can enable Auto pop-up Session Notes when session ends.  It will show the session notes panel upon disconnecting from remote session so you may enter notes before exited app.


To enable Auto pop-up session notes:

Open the Business app preferences.

Windows: File > Options...


Mac: Splashtop Business > Preferences...



Under the General tab scroll down to the bottom and you should see a checkbox setting, allowing you to enable this feature. 








Access your session notes in web console

After you close the remote session you can access your saved notes by visiting 













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