Introduction to Splashtop Connector

Splashtop Connector allows users to connect to computers that support the RDP, VNC and SSH protocol directly from within the Splashtop Business app, without using VPN or installing any remote access agent.


Splashtop Connector is available as an add-on upon request with Custom Enterprise license. Contact sales for more info.





  • Ease of use: IT admins can pre-configure RDP and VNC profiles in the Splashtop Connector management interface. Users can access these RDP and VNC resources straight from the Splashtop Business App, without having to use a VPN, RDP or VNC client.
  • Security: The Splashtop Connector is deployed onto a machine within the local network that is
    routable to target RDP and VNC machines -- no need to open the RDP and VNC port over the internet. The Splashtop Connector follows Splashtop's access permission system, so only users with proper access permissions will be able to connect to the RDP and VNC resource.
  • Auditing: All RDP and VNC connections will have session logs recorded. The Splashtop Connector also supports session recording.


  • Access RDP machines
  • Access RDS server
  • Access Remote App
  • Allow accessing from Splashtop Business client on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • File copy and paste (Windows Only)
  • File transfer via mapped folder/drive (Mac v3520, Windows v3521)
  • Text copy and paste
  • Session recording
  • Remote Print
  • Multi-monitor
  • IP whitelist/blacklisting
  • Access VNC machines
  • Access SSH machines


Best practices for deployment

1. Scalability

A single Splashtop Connector has its limitations of simultaneous RDP sessions, but you can deploy multiple Splashtop Connectors in your network to scale the capacity. 

2. Network access

  • The machine that Splashtop Connector is deployed to should have Internet access to allow connection to Splashtop servers -- so that it can proxy the RDP protocol. Please allow Internet access to * (TCP) on your firewall. 
  • The machine that Splashtop Connector is deployed to should be able to access the RDP machines via RDP protocol. For better security, you can open the RDP protocol over local LAN access only. 

3. Security

Grant access permission only to users that need to access these RDP/RDS machines. (Refer to this article)



System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 (with .Net 4 or up)
  • RAM: 8G or up
  • Storage: 50G or up
  • Network
    • Allow Internet access to Splashtop cloud services
    • Routable to the RDP/RDS machines 


Download link


Run the Splashtop Connector installer. Once installed, you should be able to see the Splashtop Connector management user interface, pictured below. Please make sure Run Splashtop Connector Server is turned ON.

Now you can create profiles to enable proxying to your RDP/RDS machines and VNC machines.  




If you run into issues, please file a support ticket. 


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