Convert recordings to video files

With the Splashtop Connector, you can record each RDP session. These recording files are not in a playable format, so we provide a utility to convert these files (to webm format). Here is a quick usage guide of the Converter utility. 


Download & Installation


  • Version:
  • Download: Download Link
  • MD5: f86c9c2445d57ba1607dd3945dc3493c

System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 (with .Net 4 or up)
  • RAM: 8G or up
  • Storage: 50G or up


Run the downloaded installer to install the utility. 


How to use

1. Sources pane

When you launch the utility for the first time, you'll see the following screen. You can add source recordings into the list by using the Add Files button or by clicking the folder icon in the center. The recording files will be put into the Sources pane. 


Once added, you can select files and click the Convert button to start converting, or you can click the convert icon at the right side of every entry to convert that particular recording. 


2. Converting pane

The Converting pane shows the jobs in the converting queue, and it will show progress of the jobs. 


3.Completed pane

All successfully converted jobs will be put into the Completed pane. You can click the folder icon to open the folder with File Explorer. 

You can cleanup the entry by clicking the Clean Up button. 


4. Failed pane

If there are failed converting jobs, they will be put into the Failed pane, and will show an error.


5. Filter

In Sources and Completed pane, you can use the filter to quickly find specified recording files. 



Command line support

Converter supports command line usage with version or up. 


start /wait SRConverterConsole.exe <Command> [-i <Files>] [-o <Folder>]

a Add file to the Sources
c Convert all unstarted files in Sources
x Add file to the Sources and start converting
h Show this help

-i [Optional] Specify the file with absolute path
-o [Optional] Specify the output folder. If this parameter is ignored, the output
folder specified in the Converter settings will be used. If this parameter is
specified, and folder does not exist, the folder will be created

1. If the recording file is encrypted, the passwords need to be configured in
Converter settings page

1. SRConverterConsole.exe a -i <File>
2. SRConverterConsole.exe c
3. SRConverterConsole.exe c -o <Folder>
4. SRConverterConsole.exe x -i <File>
5. SRConverterConsole.exe x -i <File> -o <Folder>
6. SRConverterConsole.exe h


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