How to transfer files between remote RDP computer and Mac/Windows Client?

Splashtop Connector supports copy and paste files between Windows Client and RDP computer but NOT between Mac Client and RDP computer. 

With Mac Business app V. ( Windows Business app V. AND Splashtop Connector V. or newer, you can transfer files and folders, in either direction, between Mac/Windows Client and RDP computer. However, there's one more step compared to how you transfer files between Windows, Mac, and Android

When a session is established from Mac/Windows to RDP computer, Splashtop Connector will enable the in-session file transfer feature and generate a temp folder on the computer that Splashtop Connector is running on. This folder is called "Splashtop File Transfer Folder" and will be mapped to the remote RDP computer as a drive called "File Transfer Folder on Splashtop Connector"

After the session is disconnected, the temp folder will be cleaned up in 5 minutes by default. 

Steps to transfer files from Mac/Windows Client to remote RDP computer

1. Launch the file manager from the toolbar.Toolbar_en-us.png

2. Transfer the file from Mac/Windows client to "Splashtop File Transfer Folder".MacSRCtoRDP_en-us.png

3. On the remote computer, open the File Explorer. Copy the file from "File Transfer Folder on Splashtop Connector" to your own folder on remote RDP computer.


Steps to transfer files from remote RDP computer to Mac/Windows Client

1.Launch the file manager from the toolbar.Toolbar_en-us.png

2.Copy the file from remote RDP computer to"File Transfer Folder on Splashtop Connector".RDPtoConnector_en-us.png

3. Open/Refresh the File manager and transfer the file from "Splashtop File Transfer Folder" to a local folder on the Mac/Windows Client.


Configure the duration the temp folder will be kept for after disconnection

In the General tab of the Profile, you can decide if you want to keep files in the Splashtop File Transfer Folder after disconnection and the duration they will be kept for. If the option is disabled, this temp folder will be deleted immediately upon disconnection.



Admins can see a record of all file transfer activities by logging into the web console and going to Logs > File Transfer.


Disabling file transfer

File transfer can be disabled via the web console if you do not want anyone on your team to be able to transfer files. Just log into as the team owner then navigate to Management > Settings.

Note: Drag & drop, Copy & Paste files are not supported between Mac Client and RDP computer. 



If you run into issues, please file a support ticket


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