Chromebook Limitations

Below are the currently known limitations of using Splashtop Android app on Chromebook that are caused by Chrome OS itself.


Limitations for Android app after v3.5.4.4

Behavior Descriptions Workarounds
Scroll by 2 fingers Currently the issue cannot be resolved due to the restrictions from Chromebook OS. User could try to enable Splashtop scroll bar to scroll from the side.
Cursor does not change to ↔ when minimizing/maximizing windows The cursor appearing on the remote session is not created by Splashtop but actually from Chromebook itself, it's currently viewed as limitation. User can enable "Show Remote Cursor" option to see the cursor created by Splashtop client.
When using multiple monitors, window is not released when being dragged to a second monitor This may occur on some Chromebook devices due to the release operation on cursor is not detected. The issue could be resolved by simply making another click on cursor to release the window.
Under multiple monitors, if you right click on the second monitor, the menu should appear. However, instead of showing on the second monitor, the cursor instantly appears on the first monitor with the menu also appear on the wrong monitor. It was caused by OS limitation but has been fixed in v3.5.2.5 with OS update. This issue may reoccur with the OS updates in the future.


Screen flickering issue Since we were not able to reproduce this issue from our side, there was a possibility that the issue is caused by Chromebook display and OS limitation.

(1) Adjust the resolution on the Chromebook side.

(2) Although multiple monitors won't be available but for Enterprise Cloud users they can use the web apps.

Under multiple monitors, when the cursor moves between monitor 1 and monitor 2, the cursor movement may not be sync This problem was identified on Chromebook with Android version 11 and has been fixed in v3.5.2.3.
This issue may reoccur with the OS updates in the future.



*Since Chromebook is using Android app, the behavior may be different depending on model, endpoints, OS, and Android version.

*Some functions may be not available or have issue due to OS updates or Android updates.

*However, if an issue does occur, we will try our best to provide support, but there may be cases in which we are not able to reproduce the issue or provide support due to OS limitations.

*If you experience any difficulties using Android app, please use the web app instead.
Please refer to here for more information about Web app.

*Currently remote controlling for Chromebook is not supported.



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