Chromebook FAQ

If you run into some issues when using Splashtop with Chromebook, have a look at our most frequently asked questions below to find some answers.

How to use Chromebook to remote control with Splashtop?

A: There are various ways to connect from a Chromebook with Splashtop. Here are all the basic information you need to get started with a Chromebook remote session:


Can I use a pen tablet on Chromebook?

A: Remote stylus feature is currently included in Splashtop Enterprise subscription and only available on Windows 10 and iPad. Please view below for the system requirements:
• Windows 10 or iPad iOS 13, Business App v3.4.2.0
• Windows 10 build 1809 and above, or Windows Server 2019, Splashtop Streamer v3.4.2.0
For more information regarding Remote Stylus, please check the article here:
Japanese keyboard/IME may experience typing/layout issue during remote session with Splashtop Android app.
A: There are two input methods from Splashtop Android app, key mode and text mode.
Text mode is recommended for a better input experience so far, user can try to adjust the IME on Chromebook side by following the combination below for each input method.
1.Chromebook IME on client side:Japanese input(Japanese keyboard)+ Splashtop Keyboard setting: "Text mode"
2.Chromebook IME on client side:Japanese input(US keyboard)+ Splashtop keyboard setting: "Key mode"

Is it possible to remote control Chromebook?
A: Currently remote controlling for Chromebook is not supported.
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