How to Use Multi Monitor with Splashtop Connector

Splashtop Connector sessions now support multiple monitors from the Windows and Mac Business app.



  • Splashtop Connector v1.1.2.3+
  • Windows or Mac Business App v3.5.2.1+
    • For Mac, macOS 11+ is required.


How to Use Multiple Monitors

  1. Make sure your Windows/Mac Business App and Splashtop Connector are updated to the applicable versions.
  2. In your Business App's computer list, click on the RDP computer and then click the gear/info icon.
  3. In the Resolution dropdown menu, select "Use all my monitors" and click OK.
  4. Connect to the computer. During the session, you can choose between viewing all monitors on one window, or each monitor in its own window. 




What if I only want to use one monitor? 

When selecting the "Use all my monitors" option in step 3 above, the session will present the number of monitors that you have at your local computer. If you are using multiple monitors on your local computer, but only want the RDP session in one monitor, repeat step 2 and choose any of the other resolution options to return to one monitor.

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