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If you don't use one of the above RMMs that integrate Splashtop, but you do use the retail Splashtop product for remote control, there are a couple things you can do to use the two products together more easily.

If you don't have Splashtop today, the Splashtop product that works best with RMM is Splashtop Remote Support. You're welcome to sign up for a free trial.


Use your RMM to deploy Splashtop Streamer onto the computers you want to remotely access.

Making a connection

Directly launch a Splashtop remote session from the RMM console. (Note this will likely require changes in your RMM software.)

  • Download and install the Splashtop Business app on the devices you want to access from.
  • Splashtop Business app can be launched via URI. The target computer is uniquely identified by its MAC address, which is passed to the Splashtop Business app as part of the URI.
  • When you first launch the Splashtop Business app, you can have the app remember your Splashtop credentials. All subsequent launches from the RMM console via URI will directly show the remote session, making for an easy one-click connection from the RMM console.
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    Where do you show the Mac address? I don't see it in the Business App or on the website for the device?

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    How can I use my business Splash account with Atera? My understanding is that it only integrates with their Splash Business App installer. Can I install my Splash app and overwrite theirs to get it to work with my account?

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    Do you have Atera service subscribed? If so, please refer to the article to see how it works:

    You can still install Splashtop app or streamer on the computer, our streamer supports "dual-mode" so you can use both Atera build-in Splashtop and Splashtop native service on the same device.

    You can open CMD, type "ipconfig /al"l then enter to find the PC's MAC address.

    Hope this helps!


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    konstantinos konstantinou

    I have followed all the steps but i cannot launch Splashtop Business app.
    So how do i make the call to

    And what are the changes that has to be done to the RMM software? (beyond the mac address of every computer)