How do I connect using canopy?

Canopy has partnered with Splashtop to enable Canopy customers to remotely access computers using Splashtop technology and infrastructure. This article will guide you through using Splashtop within the Canopy platform.

When you add Splashtop to your Canopy subscription, you will be able to seamlessly initiate a remote desktop connection directly from the Canopy Devices module.

Note for Existing Splashtop Users: If you have been a user of the retail Splashtop product, the flow with Canopy is different. You no longer use the Splashtop Business app to connect. All connections (and deployment) are handled through the Canopy console.


How do I provide remote access to my end users?

OS Support: Your Canopy subscription lets you and your fellow support technicians remotely access all Windows-based devices you manage.

Role-Based Access: Splashtop's access within Canopy is governed by role permissions.


Setup Process:

  • As an administrator, go to the Roles module in Canopy.
  • Create a new role or modify an existing one.
  • Add the "Devices -> Splashtop -> Launch" permission to the chosen role. Then save the permissions.
  • Assign users to this role for them to launch Splashtop sessions from any Windows device.

Note: Launching Splashtop sessions must be done individually—it cannot be bulk executed or scheduled.


What if I run into connection issues with Canopy/Splashtop?

If you experience any connection challenges:

  1. Canopy's User Guide: Start by consulting Canopy’s troubleshooting instructions.
  2. Further Support: If the issue persists, file a support ticket at


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