Using LogMeIn One2Many to Deploy your Splashtop Streamer

Note that these instructions are provided 'as is', and although are valid at the time of this writing, may not work in the future if anything substantial were to change in LogMeIn.


LogMeIn Central Premier

Step 1: Create Task

  • Select “Run a batch file or executable"

Step 2: Choose Options

  • Upload Splashtop_Streamer.exe into “.BAT, .CMD or.EXE file”
  • Copy and paste the following into “Optional Parameters”:

                    prevercheck /s /i dcode=YOUR_CODE,confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1

                    ***Change “YOUR_CODE” to your Splashtop Deployment Code***


Step 3: Edit Plan

  • Select which computers under your LogMeIn account to deploy the Streamer to.
  • Afterwards, select “Save and Continue”.

Step 4: Enter Credentials and Run Now

  • Enter the log in credentials for the computers and apply them to the appropriate computers

**Note that the credentials need to be verified before running One2Many**

  • Select Run Now after all credentials are verified

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