How to use Android device info as streamer default name

1. Prerequisites: 

  • Valid Splashtop team setup with unattended Android remote support feature enabled

  • Splashtop Streamer : or up


2. The supported device information that can be used as custom name

We've now supported the following device info pattern. When streamer receives any of these patterns, it'll try to get corresponding values from the current device and use them as streamer's default name. 

  • %DEVICE%: Device name

  • %MANUFACTURER%: Manufacturer name

  • %BRAND%: Brand name

  • %MODEL%: Model name

  • %PRODUCT%: Product name

  • %IMEI%: Device IMEI

E.g: Inputting the string “%DEVICE%“ means using Device name as your streamer name. And you can also input the string like “%DEVICE%_%MANUFACTURER%“ based on your demand.


3. Where to apply your policy

Splashtop admin console ->Management ->Deployment

  • Step1: Create a new deployment package:


  • Step2: On the Computer Naming Rule part, choose the 3rd or the 4th option, which allows you to use a custom name.
  • Step3: Enter the patterns you want in Part[2] into the custom name input box


  • Step4: When you finish the deployment package creation and use the deploy code to finish deploying your streamer, the streamer name will follow what you set in step 2 and step 3
  • Error handling: If Splashtop streamer fails to get what you set for streamer name due to permissions(e.g IMEI) or any other reasons, streamer will by default use Brand-Model info as streamer name.



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