What happens when I clone computers and VMs with streamer pre-installed?


Below is a description of what happens when computers and VMs are cloned, when Splashtop streamer is already installed as part of the disk or VM image.

With the information below, hopefully you can formulate your own cloning workflow where Splashtop can still work properly.


To work properly, Splashtop relies on each streamer instance to have a fully unique identifier.

The unique identifier is generated at the time of streamer installation.

If you clone a disk image that has streamer pre-installed, the two clones would have the same unique identifier. When multiple streamers have the same unique identifier, strange problems will happen, as described below.


  • Only one of the cloned computers will show up in the computer list.
  • When you try to connect to that computer in the computer list, connection may be randomly to any of the cloned computers.
  • If you restart the streamer on one of the cloned computer, it will appear in your computer list and take precedence over all the other clones.

Basically, streamers having the same unique identifier is not a usable setup and must be fixed!


One workaround is to not include streamer in the disk image. Clone all the computers and VMs, then install streamer on each machine afterwards.

When streamer is installed, it creates a unique identifier relying on some system characteristics (e.g. MAC address), which are generally unique across computers and VMs.


If you'd like to learn more or need help in figuring out a suitable workflow, please contact our support team.

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    KRT Computer Services

    Just a note here - when imaging I place the streamer installer on the system and create a shortcut on the All Users desktop that utilizes command line options specified here: https://support-splashtopbusiness.splashtop.com/hc/en-us/articles/212725183-Command-line-parameters-to-silently-install-your-deployable-Splashtop-streamer

    After the newly imaged system has been fired up for the first time and has a unique name, just double-click your shortcut and delete it from the desktop

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    What about when a mac is migrated to a new computer?
    If Migration Assitant is used, Splashtop thinks both computers are the same and will kick the old computer out of the list of computer.
    Once I reinstall on the old computer, then the new one disappears.

    Is there any way to force Splashtop to create a new computer ID so the two machines won't conflict with each other anymore?

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    The fix about not deploying streamer until after of course makes sense but what can be done if streamer was deployed before the image is distributed? How do it I fix it afterwards? Simply reinstalling streamer does not seem to be fixing the issue ... is there anything I can do post image deployment to correct this problem?

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    Paul Vasta

    I have the same issue as James, fortunately it only happened once before I caught it. What is the fix?