Can I have a management-only owner (or admin) account?

As an owner or a admin of a team, you could have a management-only account by some particular settings. In this topic, we will help you to do such setting and explain what effects there will be.

This can be done with any Splashtop Business subscription, excluding Splashtop Business Access Solo.

How to?

  1. As a team owner or a admin, please log in your Splashtop Account on my.splashtop.
  2. Please go to Management -> Users tab to find your team members.
  3. Hit the gear icon to Disable User.


What effects will there be?

  • Your owner or admin Splashtop Account will still be able to manage and monitor whole team.
  • As a disabled user, you will not be able to establish Splashtop Business remote connections unless you enable the disabled user again.
  • It will require enabled user/owner to receive notification emails. (Notification email can be set up from >Account info>Team>Notification)
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