Super Admin

This feature is available for:

  • Business Access Pro
  • Business Access Performance
  • Remote Support
  • Splashtop Enterprise
  • Splashtop SOS+10, SOS Unlimited, SOS Enterprise (unattended)

On an unattended access team, the team owner can grant specific users the privilege of user management and team settings management by applying this feature. 

Need to enable these privileges for the SOS attended access team? View this article here.

Please see instructions below to enable and use the feature.

Enable Super Admin feature

  1. Log into / as the team owner.
  2. Go to Management > Users
  3. Click the Gear icon of the user profile you would like to modify.
  4. Select Change role.
  5. Select Super Admin.


User role will become Super admin after changing role.



What can a Super Admin do?

The Super Admin has exactly the same privileges as the team owner regarding user management and team settings management (listed below), except for payment. The Super Admin will be able to see the team members list, sessions list and configure the following settings for any team member except the owner.

User Management:

  • Assign user group
  • Access permission
  • Change role
  • Change display name
  • Reset password
  • Disable user
  • Delete user

Team Setting Management:

  • Manage all the items on the team settings page, except for payment
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