How do I prevent users from shutting down the streamer or changing its settings?

Splashtop streamer can be locked down to reduce undesired changes by end users, whether the end user has a standard or admin user account on that computer.

Note: Be sure you are using the latest version of the streamer (version 3.0.6.x), downloadable from

Note that the Log Out button is now completely hidden on deployment streamers.

Default behavior

Admin privilege (e.g. admin user account on Windows or Mac) is required for the following actions:

  • Exit streamer
  • Change streamer's computer name
  • Change security options (authentication, lock screen, blank screen, etc.)
  • Change anything in Settings tab (auto launch, sound, etc.)
  • Change proxy settings when there is input for Auto or Manual in the deployment package
  • Check for updates

To unlock, a standard or admin user can simply click on Unlock Settings and follow the subsequent prompts. On Windows, the user will go through Windows's normal UAC flow.

A standard user can still open the streamer window to see basic streamer info such as version and computer name (read-only).

Additional lockdown options

To reduce undesired changes by end users who have admin level privilege on that computer, we have added a few more options. A new deployment package must be created.

  • Lock streamer settings using Splashtop admin ID/password (instead of Windows/Mac admin account)
  • Hide streamer tray icon

To enable these options, create a new deployment package, enable the desired options, then deploy with that new deployment package.


To update existing streamers with these settings, please create a new deployment package with the desired settings and re-install the streamer using the new deployment code.


1) This article supersedes an older article "Can I prevent non-admin Windows or Mac users from disabling the streamer?" which is no longer applicable.
2) Starting from streamer version V3.5.6.0, for Proxy settings, the value you set up in the deployment package will be locked, but the value/change you input after the streamer is installed will not be locked.
Streamer version older than V3.5.6.0, the Proxy settings will remain unlocked even if you set it up in the deployment package.


Have additional suggestions on how to prevent undesired streamer changes by users? Please let us know.

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