How to add/invite users/technicians to be a part of my Splashtop service?


Depending on your license, you can have multiple user accounts associated to your Splashtop service/account.  To add them to your account, you invite them.


Unattended Access:

  1. login at /
  2. click on Management->Users 
  3. click on "Invite user" button
  4. Enter emails of the users you want associated to your account/service inviteuser02_en-us.png
  5. Those users will receive an email to create a Splashtop account and accept the invitation. If the invitation fails, they are probably associated to another Splashtop team.  They will have to remove themselves from the team or shutdown their team.
    1. Login at /
    2. Hover mouse over their name at the top right of the page
    3. Click on Account info (->Team tab, if they are the owner)
    4. Click on "remove myself" or "shut down this team" hyperlink, near the bottom right of the page
  6. If they do not receive the email due to email filters, just have them go to / and create an account or login to their account at /
  7. Next, you may want to configure their access permission.
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    How do I configure who can access which computers? (Remote Support & SOS+ only)

Attended Access (SOS):

To invite technicians to use the attended access service, Splashtop SOS, 

  1. Login at /
  2. Click on SOS
  3. Click on "Invite Technicians" button
  4. Follow steps 4-6 above.
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