How to Set Up Splashtop Remote Support Premium: Alerts


Setting up Premium Alerts

1. Log in to and select Management > Alert Profiles.



2. Select Create Profile.



3. Add the Alerts and click Save.PremiumAlert3.gif


4. Assign computers to each Alert Profile.


5. Once the computers are selected, click Apply.


For setting up Alerts based off Windows Event Log, you are able to set up triggers based off the following criteria:

  1. Event Type
  2. Event Level
  3. Event ID
  4. Event Source
  5. Category (Task #)
  6. Messages

Below are screenshots of where you can view the relevant information for setting up the Alerts based off Windows Event Log.





Alerts for Splashtop Remote Support Premium generally have at least 2 email notification options.



"Also notify via email for " just means "When do we send you an email to alert you?

The first box Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_12.15.03_PM.png will send you an email when the initial conditions has been met. Such as a computer being offline for more than 10 minutes as shown above.

The second box Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_12.15.09_PM.png will send you an email when a Splashtop user

"acknowledges" the alert in the webportal as shown here.


The third box Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_12.15.29_PM.png will send you an email when the computer has "recovered" from it's condition such as no longer being offline or cpu utilization has dropped below the alert limit


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