Create an MST file via Orca

This tutorial is for creating and editing Splashtop Streamer Installer MST file.

(Tutorial Video: Link)

 1. You will need to install Orca, which is the tool for editing MSI files. (

2. Download a fresh Streamer Installer .MSI.

3. Open MSI file location, right click Streamer, select "Edit with Orca"

4. Once you have Orca opened, click on the Transform tab for "New Transform". 

5. Next, navigate to the Property Tab and edit the following:

  • Edit DCODE value to your deployment code
    • If using the easy deployment MSI, no need to add the dcode since it is already embedded.
  • Add Row with property of "USERINFO" and value of parameters you want to deploy with the streamer, e.g., hidewindow=1,confirm_d=0.



6. Go back to the Transform tab, then select Generate Transform to complete the mst creation

7. Now you can deploy with MSI and MST files (Instructions:

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